I am a writer.  Upon discovering this people ask, “Where do you get your ideas?”  This flummoxes me.  Ideas are not my problem.  Not ever.  I always have way more ideas than I can possibly use, and if I ever run out I have an entire Mulch Pile of fragments that I can mine.  Focus, execution, finding my glasses—those are my problems. 

OK, not all my ideas are great.  But usually, if I rummage around in there long enough I find one that’s not too shabby.  So.  You need an idea to kick-start your creativity?  I’ve got some.  I have so many of ’em piled in the corners that I should open a Gently Used Ideas store.  Here.  Take one home with you. 

And if you make something you’re tickled with, leave us a link in a comment, OK?