Photography lessons:First trimester

Sometimes the best prompt of all comes from a friend. Carsten wondered what had happened to this poor little blog, begun so bravely a year ago. He posted a comment on the Storyteller’s fire post of, ulp, February 24, 2011.

Then Scott Thomas, the genial proprietor of Views Infinitum, proposed an assignment.  Follow the Rule of Thirds to make better photos.  Well, what with one thing and another, I did not get around to the assignment until the deadline had passed, but I thought, what the heck.  I can still do the work and maybe even learn something.

I do try to pay attention to composition when I’m taking a picture, but sometimes I’m lucky to get something before it disappears.  The cat, for example, or a kid climbing a hill with his sled.

This is a pretty cluttered photo, but at least I got those green, green eyes.

Then I tried cropping it a couple of different ways, keeping in mind the idea, if not the precise reality, of thirds.

Better—still no cigar. But then I’m pretty much starting out with cornsilk anyway, eh?

I loved watching the kids sledding on the hill behind the Elk Rapids Library. There was hardly any snow that day, but they were having a wonderful time. I wish I had managed a photo that really captured their adventure from their perspective, but . . . So here’s the original image of our sledder.

Way too much ominous tree trunk, right? Again I tried a couple of cropping experiments.

If I’d had a good quality image to begin with I think I might like the close crop best, but as it is, I’m sort of fond of the one that shows the context, and maybe gives a hint of what a big hill that must have seemed to a little guy who’d been sledding down it for awhile.

I had a little better luck with some other images, but those will have to wait for the Second Trimester.

Maybe I’ll dig my way out of my Cave of Hibernation. We shall see.

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4 Responses to Photography lessons:First trimester

  1. Karma says:

    I was wondering if this blog was going to come back to life! I noticed the pingback on the bottom of Scott’s post this morning and decided to come have a peek. I think I like the 2nd shot of Ms. Puss best – you cropped some of the distraction out, but left enough to show us typical kitty behavior of being in the middle of everything. Same with your sledder – I like the 2nd best. I guess I’m a “context” type of girl too! 🙂

  2. Isabelle says:

    Hello and welcome back to the Lady of the gentle used ideas store 🙂 I was also wondering about this blog of yours that generated such interesting ideas and challenges (oh, the inchies !). I like your pictures and the way you cropped them. I like the second picture of the cat best and the third one of the little sledder, his expression is sweet and his sledge looks so big for his size.

  3. Gerry says:

    Hello your ownself, Lady of the Contemplative Walk. I am glad you liked the cropping. It was harder work than I expected it to be, trying to make choices in specific ways rather than “because this just looks right to me.”

    Thank you for reminding me of the Inchies. I believe I have another little (stolen) idea that you will love. Or curse. Or both. Coming right up, as soon as I have a nap.

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