Adam’s Tournament of Elements

Adam Arents is spending a year in a place I’ve always wanted to visit, and he’s doing something that scares me.  Naturally his blog gives me all kinds of ideas.  Go take a look at, for example, Tournament of Elements.  Now the reason I bring this up . . . I am a great admirer of ingenuity in any field of endeavor.  It always strikes me that I can somehow apply that particular clever solution to a problem I’m working on.  Wow, I think to myself, I can use that kind of block and tackle to hoist the Cowboy into his bath.  What, you were expecting something about character development or plot?  Well, that happens too.

Today’s prompt: Steal Adam’s idea.  Argue passionately for a creative choice—yours or somebody else’s.  Persuade your chosen audience that limpid is the right word, or that this particular shade of red works, or that a fill flash makes all the difference, or that a piece if birch needs to be carved away because it isn’t a bear, or that this song needs to be in a minor key.  You don’t have to use words. You can argue in any kinds of symbols you like.

Or . . . follow the rabbit trail I went down to find a suitable graphic for you.  You will get lost in Spiral Periodic Tables and a book by James Elkins called How to Use Your Eyes.  I hope you’ve set aside your whole afternoon.

Write, paint, photograph, quilt, sculpt, compose . . . Create.

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