Last night I went to an informal concert by Jo Williamson, currently in residence at ISLAND Hill House, a creative retreat.  The audience was full of artists of all kinds, and there was a lot of conversation during the afterglow about how lovely it would be to spend some time Away From It All, just working in peace.  Then I came home and read Jim Harrison’s novella/memoir Tracking, where he makes a case for getting out and about in the world so you have something to write about besides what’s in your own head.  (He also describes growing up in a loving family in rural northern Michigan, a sort of artist’s retreat in its own way.)

Today’s prompt:  Make a list (OK, that’s me; maybe you want to make some sketches or photos or quilt blocks or . . . ) of the times in your life that felt the most productive.  Make another of the times that felt most peaceful, and still another of the periods of Learning From Experience.  Show yourself how your life right now fits into all that, in words, in music, in images.  Be sure to include the parts that are outside your own head.  Now you can do whatever you want.  Not my call. 

Write, paint, photograph, compose, dance, quilt, sculpt . . . Create.

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2 Responses to Retreat/Advance

  1. Giiid says:

    These are very good advices, I will try them out. Thank you.

  2. Gerry says:

    This is wonderful. I am the Oldest Child in my family, and all of my sisters are allergic to my advice. I am so excited to find someone who will actually try it out!

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