Hand Crafted

Today I am wearing a sweater that my neighbor Janet Brown knitted at least 20 years ago. It keeps me just the right kind of warm. Years ago Mrs. Brown and I made very different sweaters from the same pattern. She turned the V-neck pullover into a round-neck cardigan. I turned it into a pink vest. We sat together, click, click, and drank tea and chatted about this and that. Her friendship is one of the shining jewels in the treasure chest of my life. When she died, her daughter, who is my age, was closing up the house. She asked me what I would like as a memento. I said, “something she made,” thinking of the small, crafty things she made as we drank our tea. When Kathy brought out this sweater, I said, “Are you sure?” When she said yes, I felt as if I had been blessed. The sweater has held up better than I have. It is one of the objects in my life that has True Value.

Today’s prompt: Michelangelo knew what he was about when he painted a hand-crafted Creation. Whatever you create today, make it with the care and attention that you would give to it if you knew that 20 years from now someone who loved you would touch it, read it, look at it, or remember it . . . and feel your hand touch theirs. There are all kinds of immortality.

Write, paint, weave, compose, dance, photograph, sculpt, as if your everlasting life depended on it. Create.

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