To open the mailbox and find Real Mail, the kind that must be sent in a creamy envelope addressed especially to you, feels good.  Even when the message is “I’m sorry for your loss . . . ” it feels good.  Hmm.  OK, the exception here would be Real Mail in a creamy envelope with a return address from a law firm.  That could spoil your whole day.  I digress.  

Today’s prompt: Find a creamy envelope and a pen.  Address the envelope to someone you like.  Put something nice inside it.  A little note.  A photograph.  A cartoon.  A tiny quilt block.  A package of seeds.  Close it up.  Put a stamp on it.  Mail it.

Alternative prompt:  Find a creamy envelope and a pen.  Address the envelope to someone you are angry with.  Put your anger inside it.  A little note, a photograph, a drawing of your broken heart . . . Close it up.  Burn it.

Either way, I expect you might be able to make something out of this.  Create.

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5 Responses to Stationery

  1. drew says:

    What a fun blog. Thanks for sharing your ideas — and for promoting old-fashioned, letter-writing, one of my favorite activities.

  2. Oh Gerry, you don’t know what this “Stationery” prompt means to me ! I Love writing. For years I have been writing to and for people. I have a lovely choice of stationery 😉 interested ? then why don’t you send me your adress in my email and see what happens…
    I have also written letters to those who are no longer here and to whom I could not say farewell. As flames were blurred by tears, I felt it would help grieving.
    Thanks Gerry.

    • Gerry says:

      I will do that! One of my neighbors is well into her eighties and keeps up a lively correspondence with old friends, relatives, and people she thinks could use a little company. She makes her own cards with photos of the ice on the Bay, the chipmunks in the yard, the cardinals at the feeder. Her life is a gift to the world.

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