Remember make-believe?  Row a leaky boat over to the island and make trails to the pirate treasure, build a treehouse, pull out the box of dress-ups.  All that stuff involved props for the characters we were trying on.  Some of them were pretty sketchy: a stick, some grapevines, a ratty old towel.  Others were more elaborate.  The coonskin cap comes to mind.  Either way, they did the job.  They helped us to make our imaginary adventures more concrete.  A generation later our own kids were still at it.

Today’s prompt:  When you’re trying to bring a character to life on the page, on the stage, or in an image, consider the possibilities inherent in the sketchy props you used when you were a kid.  What did all that stuff mean to you then?  Does it mean something different now?  What do you think your kid self would have pulled out of the dress-ups box to turn you into an image of the grown-up self you’ve become?  What do you think your own kids would pull out of the box to make a Mom or a Dad character?

Write, paint, compose, photograph, weave, carve . . . Create.

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