Stuff that must be good for something

Awhile ago I spotted these over at King Orchards and had to have two of them—one because I had a bright idea and the other in case I messed up the first one.  I’ll give you a few days to play around with it in your own mind before I show you what I tried. 

I have a whole box full of stuff that I’ve saved because it just seemed like it had to be good for something.  Every now and then I paw through it for an odd bit of webbing or an idea.

Today’s prompt:  Go stare at the junk drawer for awhile.  Try to figure out where all of that stuff came from.  Put it in categories.  Try to make sets in matching colors or shapes.  Try to imagine what you were thinking when you tossed it in there.  Choose three things to throw out.  This is beginning to feel like work, eh? 

Oh well.  Might as well go write.  Or paint, compose, weave, photograph . . . Create.

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