Today’s prompt: Make a list of the most innocuous pieces of music you can think of—real earworms.  Make another list of the most pretentious food you’ve ever stared at on a plate. Make another list of the most predictable people you’ve ever met in your life.  Dress them in clothing you would expect to find in a store you would never enter.  Put them all together at The Wedding Reception.  Give them too much to drink.  Um, you have to go to the reception, too, but you can’t have anything to drink as you are pregnant.  If you are male, this may strike you as a silly condition, but I say you are simply suffering a failure of imagination.  So.  You’re at the reception.  What happens?

Write, paint, compose, weave, design, photograph . . . whatever you have to do to get the images out of your head. Create.

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