DIY Adult Education

In the course of 17 years of formal education I somehow omitted to learn much about mythology. It’s embarrassing to have to have your son explain classical allusions to you, even when your son is as well-read as Rob the Firefighter. I decided to do something about it. Tune up the ol’ synapses. Scrape some of the rust off the brain. It works! I feel . . . curiouser. Take that as you will.

Today’s prompt: Go to a bookstore or library and browse in areas you know little or nothing about. Find a book that looks like it might teach you “something you should have learned in school” and yet has a certain charm. Make a commitment to it and take it home with you. You know, like adopting a pet. You have to take it out for a little read every day until it’s finished the work it has to do.

Feeling frisky after all that exercise? Good! Write, paint, photograph, compose, weave . . . Create.

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3 Responses to DIY Adult Education

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  2. Gerry, your mythology books inspired me to look for the Pleiades… and now it´s time to sleep and dream of constellations 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration !

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