Using what you have

I used to use a nice little Canon PowerShot SD1000. We understood each other. Then its display died. I replaced it with an SD1400 that argues with me a lot.

I was going to take the First Little Camera to the e-recycling center for a decent burial, but then I discovered that it is not dead. It still makes photos. Now, on days when the New Little Camera is stubborn, I take the First Little Camera out to play. I have no idea what the settings are, as I cannot see the menus, but I can use the viewfinder to frame the shot. The results are always a surprise, but it is curiously exhilarating.

Today’s prompt: If you’re having a stale day, or a frustrating day, try shooting blind . . . or working with a broken tool . . . or writing in crayon on the back of an envelope. If memory serves, all you really need to prime a pump is one bent metal cup full of snowmelt.

Build a little fire. Melt some snow. Then write, or paint, or sing, or weave, or photograph or dance, or sculpt . . . Create.

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