Blue as a bunny’s eye

Image by Kurt Baty - Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0

Today’s prompt: The teacher stood over her.  “That’s wrong.  Rabbits have pink eyes, not blue ones.  You didn’t follow instructions.”  The child looked at the green construction paper, the mimeographed bunny cutout pasted in the middle with a cotton ball glued to its rump.  She looked at the the blue green crayon.  She felt it break as she put it back in the box.

Write.  Paint.  Photograph.  Compose.  Weave.  Create.

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2 Responses to Blue as a bunny’s eye

  1. After reading this prompt, my first thought was for this unforgettable book by Toni Morrison, “The Bluest Eyes”. It also brought me back to my early days at school, learning to write under the watchful eyes of a strict teacher. Dip-in pen, blots of ink, blotting paper, exercise-books whose pages were torn off when I made ink stains or when my writing did not fit to the instructions… I wonder how I still love handwriting so much these days. In my own way, at last ! 😉
    I love these blogs of yours, Gerry. Thank you.

  2. Gerry says:

    I am so glad that you enjoy them, and hope they’ll spark a fruitful exploration for you–as your African Quilt post did for me just today. We never know where this sort of river will lead, do we, but somehow it always seems to be to the right place.

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