I’ll bet that even in this age of social media you have some old printed photos pasted in an album or stuffed in a shoebox.  Some of them are probably old photos you acquired when you moved your parents into a retirement community, or helped your cousin clear out your great-aunt’s attic after the funeral.  Someday your children will leaf through that album, carry that shoebox home with them.  Wonder who you were.  Who they are.

Today’s prompt: Rummage through the shoebox and find one you’re pretty sure is a Family Photo, except . . . who is that guy anyway?  That’s the one.  Pull it out.  Take it over where the light is better.  Imagine who it might be, and how you might be related.  What would you talk about if you could step back in time and into the picture?  What would you see if you could look around you?  Find a detail that you can’t quite make out. 

Write.  Paint.  Compose.  Photograph.  Weave.  Create.

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2 Responses to DNA

  1. lamiradabob says:

    CLS and Al Goodman on a butte in Bend, Oregon, June 1954

  2. Gerry says:

    OK, I know you recognize the example–it’s an example because I sure as heck didn’t recognize it the first time I found it! But thinking about it, making things up about what it might be–that was fun. And this little daily prompt site is all about creative play.

    If thinking about that 1954 picture moves you to make something, from a photo to a story to a song to supper, I would love to hear about it. Even if it doesn’t, I hope you had fun playing. 🙂

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